Below are some problems related to computer security (specifically poorly implemented security). Do Them. You are free to use any language and environment you like to complete them. The problems require familiarity with programming, but not necessarily with applied cryptography or computer security in general. An understanding of how some of the algorithms and tools in the problems work will be of use, so as a starting point you can find some resources to help you begin here. If this topic is new to you, you may want to start with the Tutorial Problems.


Affine Cipher

Can you brute force this classical cipher?

Solved by 180
Rail Fence

Personally I would never rail a fence

Solved by 189
Ps and Qs

RSA keys generated with one critical weakness

Solved by 203
Cut and Paste Attack On AES-ECB

Create a valid ciphertext without knowledge of the key using some copypasta.

Solved by 211
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