Breaking PDF Passwords

Fast hashes are easy to brute force, let's apply this to an actual scheme

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So far you may have encountered a couple of problems (such as here and here) that deal with brute forcing hashed passwords or even hashed passwords with salt. You may have thought to yourself "sure these problems demonstrate that digest algorithms like the SHA and MD family are not suited for storing passwords securely, but they seem contrived". Unfortunately you would be wrong, in fact very widely deployed formats and systems also use these algorithms to secure passwords, which makes them perfect candidates for the types of attacks we mounted in previous hashed password attacks. Let's take a look at one, namely PDF.

PDF Cliff Notes

PDF gives the user the option to encrypt a file with a password, which follows the fairly common procedure of deriving a symmetric key from the password to encrypt the file. The symmetric key derivation goes as follows: When a user enters a password to decrypt a file two things happen. First, an algorithm computes a value known as the user hash, and then (if the derived user hash matches the user hash in the document), the symmetric key is derived from the password and the PDF is decrypted. This might sound fairly standard but we have two advantages. First, the hash derivation uses MD5 and RC4, which are both very fast meaning we can try a lot of passwords in a short amount of time. Second, since PDFs are by nature offline, once we have a PDF there is no throttling mechanism to limit how many passwords we try, hence we are bottlenecked only by our available computing power. Anyway, back to the user hash, here is how to derive it:

Problem Details

I'll spare you the pain of parsing PDF metadata (it's not terribly fun) and instead just give you the metadata of the PDF here:
user hash: 0xfe97c8762da0f0201eb463df6e181288
key length: 128
revision: 3
permissions: 0xfcffffff
owner hash: 0x79e64c5fd1d84a4ae2bc07e82636b34b5969c4fe6bcce36886db40dece66f0e2
document id: 0xbfb6e1530b109ae5d10cf52562e8bd3a
The password is once again one of the passwords in the rockyou password list. Your job is to recover the password based on the metadata given above. Submit the answer in ASCII. Feel free to verify your answer against this PDF from which the metadata above was parsed. Kinda scary how easy that was huh?

Test Vector

Given the metadata above, the string "password" should yield symmetric key 0xe7ddc8badf2d9135a038861f44e7d692 and a user hash 0xdd14c7f46c7648d9881105740a001d07.

Extra Credit

If you had to improve this scheme, what would you change?