Hello Bitcoin

Do you know how bitcoin addresses are constructed?

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This a number. A big number specifically. If it were a bitcoin secret key, what would its (uncompressed) address be?


Test Vector

Test that your implementation is working. The following are some secret keys and their associated uncompressed bitcoin addresses.
1 -> 1EHNa6Q4Jz2uvNExL497mE43ikXhwF6kZm
2 -> 1LagHJk2FyCV2VzrNHVqg3gYG4TSYwDV4m
3 -> 1NZUP3JAc9JkmbvmoTv7nVgZGtyJjirKV1
4 -> 1MnyqgrXCmcWJHBYEsAWf7oMyqJAS81eC
5 -> 1E1NUNmYw1G5c3FKNPd435QmDvuNG3auYk